The Binational Arts Residency (BNAR) began with the idea of connecting cultural communities in the Sonoran Desert with issues of social justice, history, and identity through art. Over the course of the residency, artists, cultural workers, and students collaborate to create artistic workshops, performances, and public talks in their communities with the express intent to build dialogue around social issues. Each BNAR residency concludes with an artistic collaboration at the U.S.-Mexico border. Now in its third year, BNAR works with communities in:  Phoenix (US), Douglas (US), Tucson (US), Tohono O'odham Nation, Nogales (MX), and Agua Prieta (MX).  


  • Amplify and strengthen cultural flows between communities in Arizona and Sonora through the arts;
  • Support the artistic and cultural production of the borderlands, and feature the artistry and leadership from both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border;
  • Foster a deep understanding of history, place, migration and identity in the Sonoran Desert;
  • Support the leadership of women of color in the arts and as cultural producers whose work transgresses borders (geographical and identity);
  • Invest in the the leadership and artistic capacity of students and youth;
  • Cultivate dialogue on social and political issues about borders.


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